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I painted this from an old out of focused photograph taken in 1979 on MacMillian Wharf, Provincetown

Original Art Works oil paintings, Watercolors and Acrylics

Represented by Aurora Gallery, Vancouver, WA. & Bay Ave Gallery, Ocean Park, WA. On Longbeach

I'm currently being represented by Aurora Gallery. The Gallery is located at 1004 Main St. Vancouver, Wa. 98660. I have several images hanging  in the Gallery and participate in group shows throughout the year. I'm a new member of the Bay Ave. Gallery in Ocean Park, WA. You can find a full selection of my various artworks ranging from Oil Paintings to Linoleum Block Prints at both locations.

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About Me

Painting in oils a harbor scene of vintage fishing boats.

My Background

I first became aware of my interest in art as a 6 year old. In my father's sporting goods shop I was drawn to the calendars of the golden corn and wheat fields with hunting dogs and pheasants. There was something soothing about the sienna color of the fields. Those early years painting in watercolor taught me about how paint mixes and flows on the paper. As a preteen I had private instruction painting in oil paint, in a small group of my peers.  I went on to study art in college and eventually worked on a design team for Ford Motor Company. 


My Mediums

I am a painter working in Oil Paint, Oil pastels, Acrylic, Watercolor and Monotype. I am trying different styles such as alla prima (wet on wet), painting in oils, expressionist and Impressionist landscapes and Monotype using acrylic underpainting with relief inks to finish. I continually experiment with drawing techniques using graphite, pen and ink, sumi inks, watercolor pens and relief inks. I'm currently working on Linoleum Block printing.

Reflections of a fishing trawler in Gloucester harbor, Mass. the reflections alla prima (wet on wet)

My Inspiration

My inspiration is the light: the way light creates contrast, illumination, highlights and pure color. When painting Coastal and Harbor scenes the way light makes reflections that dance upon water is a continuing theme in my work. In landscape painting the way light creates shadows that play across the scene is my focus. In working on Linoleum prints creating contrast that highlights areas of the print is key to moving the eye across the composition. this is done by stark whites and the darker tone such as black.

New Watercolors